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9/14/17 - Finish up your CRITIQUES of "The Hunger Games" - Due on Monday!


Critique Outline
Critique How To Outline

I.                    Hook the reader in
A.    Write a summary of the piece
                                                               i.      Include title, author/director and when it was created (if relevant)
                                                             ii.      Main ideas only, no details
B.     Thesis – (For what higher purpose did the writer/director create this piece of content?)
II.                 Analysis
A.    Did the creator of piece achieve his or her purpose?
B.     How? Analyze using details.
                                                               i.      Explain piece in greater detail using your unique POV.
C.    Discuss main ideas
D.    Use quotes or evidence from the piece to support your analysis
III.               Evaluation
A.    Personal thoughts on piece
B.     Any connections you can make?
C.    Tie back in with thesis statement/purpose
                                                               i.      Significance for readers/viewers or society
D.    End with an a’ha statement to leave the reader thinking 


BLIZZARD BAG - Is fear always a negative feeling? Are there any instances where fear may be positive?
Explain how you feel about fear.

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