Modern Literature - Block 4

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Block 4

Blizzard Bag for Thursday 3/14/17 Tuesday - Write your analysis paragraph for your critique on Pay it Forward. 
Critique How To Outline

I.                    Hook the reader in
A.    Write a summary of the piece
                                                               i.      Include title, author/director and when it was created (if relevant)
                                                             ii.      Main ideas only, no details
B.     Thesis – (For what higher purpose did the writer/director create this piece of content?)
II.                 Analysis
A.    Did the creator of piece achieve his or her purpose?
B.     How? Analyze using details.
                                                               i.      Explain piece in greater detail using your unique POV.
C.    Discuss main ideas
D.    Use quotes or evidence from the piece to support your analysis
III.               Evaluation
A.    Personal thoughts on piece
B.     Any connections you can make?
C.    Tie back in with thesis statement/purpose
                                                               i.      Significance for readers/viewers or society
D.    End with an a’ha statement to leave the reader thinking 


Blizzard Bag for Thursday 2/16/17

Name: _______________________________ Per. #: ______ Date: _________________
The Rules of Survival  Close Reading                                                      Modern Literature

“I could have tried to think it all out then, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to. I tiptoes around that week and hoped it would pass, hoped Murdoch would come over… and fixated on having a barbeque at his place like the one we’d had on the Fourth of July. I took you to the grocery store and we looked at hot dog buns and marshmallows and hamburger patties and talked about how delicious it has all been. There wasn’t any corn on the cob in the store. You insisted in looking in every aisle, even though I told you that if it wasn’t with the vegetables, it wasn’t there at all. Murdoch would get us sweet corm from that farm, I said. Like before, I said.”  (47-48)
   Elements of Style
                          Identification and Analysis
Diction – Carefully examine the language of the passage.  Pay attention to the author’s diction (word choice), including vocabulary and words with strong or weak connotative meanings.

Syntax – How are words arranged in the passage?  Does the author use simple or complex sentences? Are there unique uses of fragments or run-ons?  What about structural devices such as anaphora (repetition of a word or words at the beginning of two or more successive verses, clauses, or sentences)?

Figurative Language – Identify key rhetorical devices, such as simile, metaphor, imagery, personification, symbolism, and symbols. Comment on their effect on the passage as a whole.

Tone – What is the speaker’s attitude in the passage? What aspect(s) of the text suggest this?

Exigency – What is the
urgency that the author
is demonstrating in this


BLIZZARD BAG for Thursday - - - Is fear always a negative feeling? Are there any instances where fear may be positive?
Explain how you feel about fear.

You should have completed your critique on Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children and handed it in or shared it with me.

We are currently working on our first drafts of our How Should I Live My Life essays. Due at the end of class on Monday. 

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